Hello my name is Karri Kat

I believe that empathy is the root of all ethical reasons. I Believe the healthier you are the more empathy you have in general and the more wishes you have to retrain from animals and their flesh. I suppose to some people this is extreme but I don't believe it is any more extreme then living a horrible violent fed plate of dead things.
I used to believe in poetry and beauty.
I won't stop until every last animal is free from human torture.

I suppose these are my most private angry thoughts in a nutshell. This *is* livejournal after all.

Veganism to me is like holding a rose or a throne in your side...it is hard to enjoy the beauty of life with the constant reminder of the pain of the thorne which is the true nature of humanity in which they have been "less than human".

I hope tomorrow I am less angry...but for now...I will just let the anger burn and hope for hope tomorrow.